Friday, August 04, 2006

CrossFit Oklahoma is currently waiting to come back to Oklahoma. For additional questions or information, e-mail

And while you are checking us out, take advantage of the free journal, "What is Fitness" to better acquaint you with the CrossFit philosophy.

After reading the free download, subscribe to the journal. For less then a tank of gas you will receive a full year of CrossFit theory, techniques, and practice being taught by trainers of U.S. Military, Police Academies, Martial Arts Champions, and Olympic and Elite athletes worldwide. The CrossFit Journal will allow you to duplicate with great success the same methods employed by coaches nation wide, in your own garage gym or CrossFit facility. Each issue covers different aspects of the CrossFit Program in great depth with articles, videos, drawings, photos, links, challenges, and assignments.

Another resource highly recommended in which I have learned far more applicable nutrition and physiology then I ever learned in college is as well as a subscription to